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You've just planted new plants. Should you fertilize them?
Probably not right away. Freshly planted plants need a little time to recover from transplant shock. Hold off a week or two, then fertilize when the plants are better prepared to make use of the nutrients you give them.
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Crazy Daisy
This plant stole my name! Maggie calls these frilly, petal-packed daisies "crazy," (which rhymes with "lazy" she reminds us, looking right at me for some reason.) Her reasons aren't "hazy" -- the wild, creamy white petals go every which way, making them almost "maze-y." They're clustered about a light yellow center you might almost describe as "maizy". But I wax poetic. Let me just say that these lush, lush Shasta-variety daisies with 2-1/2 inch blossoms make a delightful, long-producing addition to your garden. They also look great cut in a "vase-y." Hmm, she just left the room. Zones 5-9. 3-inch pot.
40171 Regular price: $5.85
Krazy Keith's Price: $3.60
Desmond Dianthus
It's pretty from head to toe. Not only do these have be-ootiful deep red double blossoms -- and lots of 'em -- they also smell so good you almost want to stick one up each nostril! (Maggie told me to stop doing that, though.) You get lots of 2-inch flowers, right though the summer. Maggie says she'd grow them just for the silver-green leaves, because they're so pretty. She uses them as a border plant, because they go so well with other flowers. Zones 3-9. 3-inch pot.
44146 Regular price: $7.85
Krazy Keith's Price: $3.80
Gaillardia Fanfare
When Maggie announced Gaillardia Fanfare was here, Arnold and I went marching around the kitchen table, me tooting into a sarsaparilla bottle like a trumpet and him beating on a pot lid. (She put a stop to that fast.) We didn't know what we were celebrating, but when I saw the plant, it was definitely worth a parade! Man, what a cartload of red/orange/yellow flowers! Maggie says they arrive early and go without a stop all season long. And it blooms in almost every zone, cold to hot, good soil or poor. That is worth a big TA-DA on the trumpet! Zones 3-10. 2 1/2-inch pot.
47704 Regular price: $9.85
Krazy Keith's Price: $3.00
Summer Skies Geranium
Maggie’s all a-twitter about this geranium because it’s double-flowered. (I told her if people want double flowers lets just sell them two flowers and make twice the dough, but she’s having none of that.) And you hafta admit, there’s more petals on these geranium flowers than you’ve ever seen in your life! The plant is so unusual, it’s patented – no kidding! The 3-4 inch blooms start out deep violet-blue, and then turn mauve with a lighter middle. Maggie says it’s easy care, cold tolerant, and good for shallow soils. Maggie says it’s a smart buy. I say: if you’ve got a cranium, you’ll want this geranium! Zones 4-8. Bareroot.
47706 Regular price: $16.40
Krazy Keith's Price: $6.20
Bicolor Butterfly Bush
When you hear Maggie "enthusing" about butterscotch and raspberry, don’t start drooling thinking she’s making some fancy dessert – she’s talking about this new color Butterfly Bush she’s so crazy about. Believe me, it is pretty. It’s got bloomstalks like Elle McPherson has got legs – long and tan and…oops, sorry, I mean the plants are elegantly tall, all gold with pale lavender tones. They make wonderful cut flowers, and they’ll pull in butterflies all the way from, like, Venezuela. They’ll also probably pull in garden admirers from down the street! Heat and drought-tolerant, like Grandpa Klumper’s forehead. Zones 5-9. 1 Gallon.
47608 Regular price: $20.85
Krazy Keith's Price: $9.95
Snow Queen Oakleaf Hydrangea
The only "snow queen" I knew was a girl named Amanda I was sweet on back in high school who wouldn’t give me the time of day. For some reason she took a dislike to me after an unfortunate cashmere sweater/chocolate pudding incident in the cafeteria. But you’re probably more interested in this spectacular hydrangea, which a lot of gardening experts think is one of the finest shrubs available for American Gardens. Maggie says it’s remarkable for both the number of large blooms it produces and its lovely upturned presentation of them. In fall, the foliage turns burgundy to continue the show. Compact and disease-resistant, it will grow in deep shade to full sun. In all, an exceptional plant. Probably even pudding-tolerant. Zones 5-8. 1 gallon.
46948 Regular price: $30.85
Krazy Keith's Price: $12.00
Blue Wave Hydrangea
We were drinking lemonade on the front porch last summer when Maggie commented on how nice the Blue Wave Hydrangea looked. Did she name it after Grandma Klumper’s permanent, I asked? No, she said, they call it that because of the gigantic tiers of brilliant blue lacecap flowers it grows in acid soils. (In basic soils the flowers are rich pink.) And that’s why the shrub has won 3 awards from the Royal Horticultural Society, she added as she walked back to the kitchen. Then she dropped an ice cube down the back of my shirt! Talk about a blue wave! I windmilled so much Arnold snorted lemonade out his nose. Zones 6-9. 1 gallon.
46967 Regular price: $22.15
Krazy Keith's Price: $8.95
Aster Monch
When Arnold came in with a pretty blue daisy and grunted "Aster Monch", I admit at first I thought he meant he was going to eat it. That would be like him. Maggie was right behind him though, and identified the plant as Aster Monch, a spritely blue aster with one of the longest blooming seasons of its kind – almost twice as long as most other asters. They’re great for cutting, she said and a delightful complement to the reds, whites, and greens in your garden. Then, suddenly, Arnold DID eat it! Turns out he was saying "munch" after all! Go figure. Zones 5-9. Bareroot.
44275 Regular price: $7.85
Krazy Keith's Price: $2.44
Silk Road Lily
One day I see our cat, Asparagus, lolling around this great big lily like she was around catnip. I went over to investigate and when I got close I smelled it too -- the most incredi-bibable fragrance this side of that pretty Miss Callaway in the bakery shop. I mean, this lily smells good! (Maggie says it’s the most fragrant in the world.) And even if it didn’t smell at all, its spectacular size and color would just about pop your suspenders anyway. It can get up to 6 feet tall, with blooms almost 10 inches across. Maggie says it even has secondary blooms, whatever that means. Anyway, I’m impressed, and so is the cat, which is really saying something. Zones 4-9. Bulb.
7329 Regular price: $15.85
Krazy Keith's Price: $7.95
Bijou Blanket Flower
Funny, when I think about blankets and the bijou, I’m recalling smooching at the drive-in. (There’s Maggie rolling her eyes again.) That’s because she’s so fond of this "little jewel" of a blanket flower -- the small plant with the big blooms that holds its head up high on strong stems. It brings in the butterflies, but deer don’t like it. She says to just give it a good start in well-drained soil and it will give you pleasure for years to come, through heat, humidity, and dry conditions. Oh, come here Sis, give us a big wet smooch. BLAAH! Not you, Buzzard! Darn dog!.Zones 3-9. 3-inch pot.
44021 Regular price: $5.85
Krazy Keith's Price: $3.95